Agricola de Cologne

Video News

1 March 2019

Release of two new videos:
Impatience, 2019, 2:55 – reflecting the phase of life from boyhood to adoslecence –
Prison of Mind, 2019, 6:30 – reflecting the changing value in life by approaching death –

15 May 2018

On occasion of the collaboration with Eye’s Walk Digital Festival on Syros Island – 27-29 July 2018 – Agricola de Cologne release his new video”If Europe would be an human being, how would it look like?” –

22 September 2017

Another release of videos for the project “I am my father”:
“A Letter From My Father”, 2017, 4:10 –
“The Letter My Mother Never Sent”, 2017, 4:30 –

29 January 2017

Agricola de Cologne released the first film of a series, entitled “I am My Father”, which will include a number of autobiographical works using a metaphorical pictorial language.
The complete Titele of the first film: “I am My Father The Song of Day After”, 2017, 4:26 –

Agricola de Cologne released the Film “DAWN”, 2017, 6:10, dealing withe climate change, the shrinking water resources causing flight and migration worldwide –

18 October 2016
Release of the video project “The Plea – A Palestinian Trilogy” –

16 October 2016
Start of re-editing and re-releasing the videos in HD 1920×1080, which were previously produced in SD PAL 720×576. Due to the lower resolution, new work versions need to be created in HD.

15 October 2016

Release of a HD version “Silent Cry” – created in 2008 in a lower resolution (PAL 720×576), and a re-interpretation –

1 January 2016

Release of “Shatila-Lost Island”, 20 minutes HD video referring to Agricola de Cologne’s visit at “Shatila” – Palestinian refugee camp founded in 1949 – and the current refugee crisis. The video is completing the “Palestinian Trilogy” as its 3rd part – together with “Message from behind a Wall” and “One Day on Mars” –

9 November 2015

Release of the HD video “POLAK”, a tribute to the victims of Holocaust, especially the “Rumbula forest massacre” taking place on 30 November 1941 at Rumbula forest near Riga (Latvia) when more than 25 000 Jews were executed. The video visualizes and interpretes the artistic performances by the Israeli artist Doron Polak at the orginal location in 2011 whose family was imprisoned at Riga Ghetto –

Best Experimental Film

  • One Day on Mars
    Special Jury Award – category “best experimental film”
    1st International Cyprus Film Festival 2008
  • more info on

    Prize Best Experimental Film

  • Bareback – serial DIScharge
    videoart award – high commendation
    Bele Arte Lamia Festival Greece
  • Best Experimental Film

  • Bareback – serial DIScharge
    FONLAD Video Award 2007
    Fonlad – Digital Art Festival Coimbra/Pt
  • Best Experimental Film

  • Truth – Paradise Found
    Best Experimental Film
    3rd Budapest International Shortfilm Festival
  • 2006

    1st prize

  • House of Tomorrow
    Magmart VideoArt Festival 2006 (Italy)
  • Best Experimental Film

  • House of Tomorrow
    Bele Arte Lamia VideoArt Award 2006 (Greece)