Agricola de Cologne

Wow! The only true virtual artist & curator - established on 1.1.2000 - for the next millenium!

Cultural Hub!

multi-dimensional catalyst - creator of art & art retated environments in virtual and physical space!

Cultural designer & Programmer

Using art as a matter for buiding up mutual respect, tolerance and peace!


Only several times a year - Agricola de Cologne - is manifesting himself in physical space, while he is performing 24 hours a day via the Internet

Curator & Festival director

Creator of a global-wide network of cooperating partners like festivals, cultural institutions, curators and artists

The W:OW Project

The most recent artistic and curatorial project is entitled: The W:OW Project - We Are One World - dealing with the influence of the human species on the Present and Future of planet Earth - inviting artists and curators all over the world to contribute to the virtual and physical exhibitions and presentations. The W:OW Art Film & Video Festival - a new festival format - will realize screenings on all continents - Thus, We Are One World - is a topic, as well as a global networking concept.
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