Inability of Being Nude

Inability of Being Nude, 2004/2018

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  • Synopsis

    The moving picture takes the classical theme of the “nude” in a contemporary interpretation as a psychological condition.
    The viewer is confronted with different levels of movements of baring/exposing.
    He becomes very quickly aware, that he did not enter a peep-show, but is disturbing intimacy, the process of emptiness. Emptiness in the sense of meditating.
    The nude is a metaphor. The Inability of Being Nude becomes the inability of exposing one’s entire internal to other people, including those who are most intimate and this could be the viewer himself. This inability is in the same way protecting as separating.

    There are two versions
    a) v1. a specific Internet version (interactive component)
    b) v2. digital video (DVD)

    Technical notes :

    Year of production: 2004
    Format : Video, Internet
    Video format : PAL 4:3,
    Shooting format : miniDV
    Exhibition format: DVD , miniDV, mp4 (HD), Internet
    Duration: 2:00 | 2:30 | loop
    Sound: yes
    Colour: yes
    Language: no
    Dialogue list: no


    Director: Agricola de Cologne
    Producer: Agricola de Cologne
    Editor: Agricola de Cologne
    Script/concept: Agricola de Cologne
    Sound: Agricola de Cologne
    Music composed by: Agricola de Cologne
    Cinematography: Agricola de Cologne
    Programming: Agricola de Cologne

    Transfera TV Madrid /Spain –
    14 & 15 December 2007
    17 & 18 October 2008


  • Shoot Off Video Festival – Espace Canopy – Paris/F – 13-23 Nov 2008
  • Traverse Video Festival Toulouse/France 11-30 March 2008
  • Laisle Viodeotape & Sound – Espaço 27 Rio de Janeiro 16 November 2007
  • Carbunari – Experimental Film Festival Baia Mare (Romania) 2006
  • The Art Gallery of Knoxville/USA 2006
  • 2005
  • FILE – Electronic Language Festival Sao Paulo/Brazil 2005
  • Biennale of Video Santiago/Chile 2005
  • Cyber Poem Festival Barcelone/Spain 2005
  • 3rd 0110 Digital Film Festival New Dehli/I 2005
  • SENEF Seoul/S.Korea 2005
  • VideoFormes Festival Clermont-Ferrand/F 2005
  • 404 – Electronic Art Festival Rosario/Argentina December 2004
  • Copyright © 2004 by Agricola de Cologne. All rights reserved.