Solo shows (1995-1998)

Alter Markt Potsdam – Cultural Centre Old Town Hall (1997 Kulturzentrum Altes Rathaus – today Potsdam Museum)

A changing point in the artists career was the year 1989, when the Berlin Wall was falling starting the German re-unification. While the administratve re-unification was established within a few months, the re-unification of the people, however, who were living separated in two politically ideological systems for the long period of 40 years, is still not completed these days.

The artist, as the person of W.O.F Agricola, realized immediately the German Re-Unification as a chance to start a new type of artistic activities focussing on German history of the 20th century in most different ways.

This working phase, entitled “the German Re-Unification Project” is lasting from 9 November 1989 – 31 December 1998 – incorporating
two mayor projects – ARCHA Society – Archives & Reseach for Contemporary Humanis & Art – active between 1989-1998 – and the artistic memorial, entitled: ” A Living Memorial Spaces of Art – Memorial Project against the Forgetting & for Humanity” – active between 1995-1998, when a major part of the project was destroyed in an attack, a mad act of politically motivated vandalism.

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1995 “A” Living Memorial Spaces of Art
Memorial project against the Forgetting, Racism, Xenophobia and Antisemitism
43 Installations in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium

Historisches Archiv der Stadt Köln (Germany)
State Museum Majdanek Lublin (Poland)
Muzeum Okregowe Bialystok (Poland)
Muzeum Okregowe Siedlce (Poland)
State Museum Stutthof (Poland)
Museum Okregowe Sandomierz (Poland)
State Museum Auschwitz (Poland)
Historical Museum City of Krakow (Poland)
Schlesisches Museum Katowice (Poland)

City Art Gallery Czestochowa (Poland)
City Art Gallery Zgorzelec (Poland)
Parliament of Thuringia Erfurt (Germany)
Memorial Camp Wöbbelin
DocumentationCentre (former. Stasi-Prison) Magdeburg
Parliament of Sachsen-Anhalt Magdeburg
Schalom House Schönebeck
Volkshochschule Hannover

Cultural Centre Old Town Hall Potsdam
University Museum Halle/S
City Archives Leipzig
Völkerschlachtdenkmal Leipzig
Historical Museum City of Leipzig
Old Nikolai School Leipzig
University Art Gallery Leipzig
Memorial Camp Dachau
Terezin Memorial (Czech Republic)
Breitenau Memorial Guxhagen/Kassel
Castlemuseum Sondershausen
Synagogue Affaltrach
Synagogue Michelbach/Lücke
City Museum Salzwedel
Auschwitz Foundation Brüssel

Antonite Church Cologne
Media Bibliotheque City of Cologne
Memorial Camp Neuengamme Hamburg
Berlin Köpenick Bloody Week Memorial
Synagogue Wittlich
City Art Gallery Gladbeck
Salvation Church Duisburg
Synagogue Urspringen
Parliament of Nordrhein-Westfalen Düsseldorf