Networks (2000-2016)

All works realised until 2004 have to be considered as netart (Internet based art) which have their roots exclusively on the net, they are non-linear, as well as linear. The works since 2004 are all based on a dual system – they have again their roots on the net, but not exclusively, since they are realised in an exchange between virtual and physical space, this is good for all projects and platforms, as well as for individual artworks in form of linear videos, Besides these, all other works are non-linear and interactuive, some of them even include the entire Internet as a source.

By realising his works, Agricola de Cologne combines all thinkable functions, like a programmer, multi-media developer, curator, director, etc in one single person.

The smaller, individual works (2000-2007) are listed on

Independantly from their dimension and shape, all projects form in their totality an all encompassing whole, they follow the concept of an all encompassing whole.

At this stage, only major key project contexts since 2000 are listed


agricola-logo-522_200Agricola de Cologne (2000)

Brand project for the media artist and curator

Agricola de Cologne Moving Picture Collection (2001)
audio-visual creations since 2001

adc-logo-10_01_transAgricola de Cologne Blog (2005)
Latest news – what’s going on

artvideo_01_trans_02artvideoKOELN international (2010)
Operating system for all curatorial activities

artvideoKOELN_01_01_02_tr artvideoKOELN – audiovisual experiences 01 (new event structure) – 16 May 2015 @ TENRI – German-Japanese Cultural Centre Cologne


A Virtual Memorial Foundation (2000)
Project environment about collective memory

AVMCI (2010)
A Virtual Memorial – International Center for Commemorative Interventions
Experimental event structure for the manifestation of Shoah Film Collection in the context of complementary interventions like screenings, exhibitions, a symposium, lectures, performances, artists presentations, talks and discussion and much more in order to activate the audience.

A Virtual Memorial Riga 2012
1st manifestation in Riga/latvia 2012 under the Patronage of the European Parliament

A Virtual Memorial Warsaw 2012
2nd manifestation in the context of Warsaw Jewish Film Festival 2012

A Virtual Memorial Vilnius 2013
3rd manifestation in Vilnius / Kedainiai (Lithuania) under the Patronage of the European Parliament

A Virtual Memorial Warsaw 2013
4th manifestation in Warsaw 2014 at Museum of the History of Polish Jews under the Patronage of the European Parliament

A Virtual Memorial Milan 2014
5th manifestation in Milan/Italy in the context of “I Colori della memoria” under the Patronage of The European Parliament

A Virtual Memorial Timisoara 2014
6th manifestation in Timisoara at German Cultural center Timisoara/Romania

A Virtual Memorial Jaffa 2014
6th manifestation @ Muza Plus – a space for art in Tel-Aviv (Israel)

A Virtual Memorial Moscow 2014
7th manifestation @ Moscow Museum of Gulag April 2014

A Virtual Memorial Paris 2015 – Memorial for the Victims of Islamic Terror


JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art (2000-2010)
A virtual museum for virtual art (net based art)

JIP – JavaMuseum Interview Project (2006)
Interview with artists represented in JavaMuseum in order to give background information to the users about the artistic creation of using the Internet as an art medium.


Engad – Engaged Artists Directory (2002)
Platform for art using engaged contents

Women: Memory of Repression in Argentina (2004)
Project about the “Mothers of Plaza de Mayo” Buenos Aires in cooperation with one of the “mothers”, presented in 2005 in Buenos Aires(Argentina)

Family Portrait (2005)
Project about the diasporadic life of the Partnoy family and the female protagonists of mother, daughter and grand-daughter

Selfportrait – a show for Bethlehem (2006)
A solidarity project pointing to extraordinary position of Bethlehem in the context of Palestine/Israel. Via their self-portraits the artists show face.

Draft Title: Shoah (2009)
A Tribute to The Victims of Holocaust

CTF – Collective Trauma Film Collections (2012)
The expanded project initiative about collective trauma world-wide as a topic in art.

SFC – Shoah Film Collection (2010)
A world-wide unique initiative for encouragibng young artists generations to deal with the topic of Shoah and collective trauma.

SFCIP – Shoah Film Collection Interview Project (2013)
Interviews with the participants in Shoah Film Collection in order to give background information about the motiovations to deal with the Holocaust.

Forever- The Ball (2011)
A project abot footbll (soccer) as a topic in art.

Cambodia 1975-1979 (2012)

“REFUGEE!” (2015)

Never More! Hiroshima-Fukushima (2015)

://self~imaging – artists show face against Intolerance, Racism, Xenophobia & Anti-Semitism (2015)


nmf_logo_01_transNewMediaFest (2001)
Festival platform

nmf_logo_01_trans NewMediaFest 2007 (2007)
Online Festival lasting 12 months in 2007.

nmf_logo_01_trans NewMediafest 2010 (2010)
Online Festival lasting 12 months in 2010.

Violence Online Festival (2003-2005)
Project about violence an war, launched on the day when the Iraq war strated in 2003.

[R][R][F] Remembering-Repressing-Forgetting (2004)
Project created for Biennale of Electronic Art Perth/Australia 2014
to be installed in an exchange between virtual and physical space,
dealing with memory as a phenomenon.

vch_log_01_150VideoChannel (2004)
Solo c arreer of VideoChannel after the Biennale in Perth as an experimental curatorial platform for “art & moving images”

VIP – VideoChannel Interview Project (2006)
Interview project featuring artists participating in VideoChannel and its followers in “art & moving images”.

sound-logo1Soundlab – sonic art projects (2004)
Solo Carreer of SoundLAB after the Biennale in Perth as a platform for promoting sonic art.
After 7 editions, SoundLAB was finalized in 2010-

SIP – Soundlab Interview Project (2006)
Pfoject: Agricola de Cologne interviews artists participating in SoundLAB.

soundOBJECT-logo2soundOBJECT (2008)
Physical exhibition in Valencia/Spain in 2008.


soundCOLLECTIVE-logo-02 soundCollective – collective trauma, identity and sonic art – realised on occasion of 9 November 2015, since 2016 corporate part of “://self~imaging – artists show face against Intolerance, Racism, Xenophobia & Anti-Semitism –


coff_logo_trans_01aaCologneOFF – Cologne International Videoart Festival
aka Cologne Online Festival (2005)
This most successful festival project about “art & moving images” was finalized at the end of 2014.

coff-nomadic_transCologneoFF XP nomadic (2009)
Experimental exhibition format for presenting “art & moving images” to an audience via screening, projectsn and installations.

Interview Project (2011)
the project encompasses all previously established interview projects

coff_logo_trans_01ccCologneOFF – International Festival Platform (2011)

animatecologne_logo_440 animateCOLOGNE (2012)
Exhibition format for art & animation

1minuteC_logo_lowres_w_440 1minuteCOLOGNE (2012)
Exhibition format for one minute films
exdox3_220 exDox – experimental documentary Film festival (2011)
Exhibition format for artistic, xperimental documentaries



placeholder for flash movie

The New Museum of Networked Art (2000)
Museum project as an ongoing art work.

and_and_01_01AND – Artists Network Database (2002)
Biographies of artists participating in the projects of Agricola de Cologne

netex02_trans2 NetEX – networked experience (2005)
Publishing platform for film, video, art & new media

maxx02_trans1 netMAXX – networked magazine


vac02 VAD – Video Art Database (2005)
Video Art Database – an unfinished project finalized in 2010.