Netart (2001-2007)

In first place, Agricola de Cologne, respectively his virtual existence, has to be considered as netart, in so far his work as it is manifesting itself online, is representing netart.
All major projects are listed on

This section, however, incorporates primarily the smaller interactive and streaming netart pieces, which were mostly realized in the framework of larger project environments like “A Virtual Memorial” , for instance.

Following recourses include also smaller netart works
Agricola de Cologne Moving Picture Collection
incorporates most smaller streaming works & videos

A list of the majority of works – mainly Internet based,
can be downloaded as PDF for free—>

Videography – list of all created and produced videos

List of works and the venues of screenings/presentations

Neural Italia

DigiCult Italia

Exhibart,com Italia

NoemaLab Italia

Netart (2001-2007)


Bareback – serial DIScharge (streaming)


Home so near, Home so far – a meditation from Mapuche land (Streaming)


Message from behind a Wall (streaming)

Family Portrait


138 seconds of peace? (streaming)

Truth- Paradise found (streaming)

Inability of Being Nude (interactive)


dreamtime:: (interactive)

en [code] ed (interactive)


Italian Silence (interactive)

9.11. – The Triple Method (interactive)

Close Encounters (streaming)

Beyond all media (interactive)

TRUE LIES (streaming)

Urban.early sunday morning_raw
Urban.early sunday morning_raw (streaming)

]and_scape[ – interactive moving picture

My Pocket Camera (interactive)

Mother and Child Convention (interactive)

UP (interactive)


Hans a true story (interactive)

Never wake up (streaming)

Transience – an atonal composition (interactive)

Watch: Seconds: Forever (streaming)

Identity of Colour (streaming)

Compressed Affair (interactive)

Redirection 1944 (streaming)

No individuality (streaming)

Karposi Park (streaming)