Morire Cuba

Morire Cuba


Morire Cuba, 2006, 4:00
Short synopsis
Street scene in Havanna/Cuba. A real Cuban would die only on Cuba. Based on a traditional Cuban song.


Technical notes :

Year of production: 2006
Format : Video
Video format : PAL 4:3
Shooting format : miniDV, DVD
Exhibition format: DVD
Duration: 4:00
Sound: yes
Colour: yes

Language: no dialogue
Dialogue list: no


Director: Agricola de Cologne
Producer: Agricola de Cologne
Editor: Agricola de Cologne
Script/concept: Agricola de Cologne
Sound: Agricola de Cologne
Cinematography: Agricola de Cologne
Programming: Agricola de Cologne
Music : Originally recorded on the square in front of The Museum of Colonial Art Havanna/Cuba

Streaming Festival The Hague/NL 2007


  • Streaming Festival The Hague/NL 2007 – 25-28 October
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    Copyright © 2006 by Agricola de Cologne. All rights reserved.