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All videos are based on miniDV. Linear developed videos are available on DVD, if needed also in miniDV.
Non-linear developed videos (based on programming) are available in the HTML version or a Windows projector file (.exe) on CD-Rom or DVD.
The video titles are linked with the streaming versions online.

Full list on Agricola de Cologne Moving Pictures Collection

  • Sinamaica Embarkments, 12:00, 2012
    The videos paints the life on the water of the indigenous people living at the Sinamaica a region in Venezuela close to the Colombian boarder.
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  • What Happened 2011?, 1:00, 2011
    The title refers to the social revolution in 2011 in the Arab countries, as well as in European countries like Greece
  • 2010

  • Memory Game
    2010, 8:00
    Five friends meet each other once a year at another place on the globe for one day and play their memory game. In 2010, they meet in Berlin.
  • Trauma
    2010, 1:00
    “Trauma” turns the inside out, it visualizes the internal traces of violence, grief, rage and helplessness.
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  • The Pleasure Code, 1:00
    Short. Usual. Violent.
  • Radio Flyer, 5:20
    A skater remembers.
  • Mi nombre es Wilfried, 6:00
    Identity and re-identification.
  • Burning Phantom , 1:00
    Love is like a burning phantom, it comes and goes unexpectedly.
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  • timeLINE, loop
    The visualization of time. Time has a sound.
  • Silent Cry, loop
    The silent cry is hidden behind the facade people wants to face.
  • Timed Out, 9:35
    The film is dedicated to the author’s dying mother
  • Haidryer, 1:00
    A hairdryer becomes a symbol for desire.
  • En [code] ed II , 5:30
    The work describes the “code” and “encoding” as a ritual of meeting, dominating and resigning.
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  • Urban.early sunday morning_raw , 4:30
    This video is a completely re-programmed and re-constructed linear digital video version of the streaming non-linear programmed netart piece of the same name, originating from 2002.
    It is not completely identical, but a new work version in another medium.
  • Red: One Day on Mars (8:00)
    A human being is obliged to spend at least one day in his lifetime on Mars.
  • Paint the Time (9:30)
    Inspired by a visit at Rome, time is identified as the course of human life.
  • Bareback – Serial DisCharge special netversion, besides that 3 different video versions exist (6:00)
    Being Homeless means loosing one’s identity, inspired by a visit of Sao Paulo
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  • The Rehearsal (4:30)
    An orchestra rehearsal become a metaphor for the course of life.
  • Morire Cuba (4:00)
    A view on Havanna’s identity.
  • Orfeo Negro (4:30)
    The interpretation of a performance on Orfeo Negro. Filmed in Argentina 2005
  • Home near, Home so far (11:40)
    A meditation from Mapuche land, filmed in Chile in October 2005.
  • Evolution – Involution (10:00)
    The film represents a interpretation of José Roberto Sechi’s performance of the same name, performed during the Interferencias Festival in Junin October 2005.
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  • House of Tomorrow (3:10)
    A metaphorical view on an utopia, a place where people can stand for what they are, human beings.
  • Message from behind a Wall (10:00)
    About an action by little Arab children’s innocence at the segregation wall in Palestina. Filmed in Bethlehem/Palestine in February 2005.
  • December mysteries” (5:00)
    An inspiration by visiting a Christmas market in Southern Germany
  • Rivals and Friends (2:30)
    The conflict of being friends and rivals.
  • [Dis]tortion_projected (4:50)
    The director reflects his traumatic experiences of being a victim of a terror attack.
  • Firebird (3:30)
    The contemporary interpretation of Strawinski’s “Firebird”. Filmed at the river Seine/Paris
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  • Predator (2:30)
    About conscience and suffering, the predator as a victims of the circumstances.
  • Truth- Paradise found (3:10)
    About the human desire to be as close to truth as possible.
  • Inability of Being Nude (2:00)
    On classical theme of the “nude” in a contemporary interpretation as a psychological condition.
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  • Message to our neighbours (1:00)
    Sometimes it is good to give a message to your neighbour
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